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Administrative Code Change Log Administrative Code Proposed and Final Filings with the Secretary of State's Office

  Administrative Code Title 23 Medicaid
 Entire Administrative Code
Part 100General Provisions
Part 101Application and Redetermination Processes
Part 102Non Financial Requirements
Part 103Resources
Part 104Income
Part 105 FCC Budgeting
Part 200General Provider Information
Part 201Transportation Services
Part 202Hospital Services
Part 203Physician Services
Part 204Dental Services
Part 205Hospice Services
Part 206Mental Health Services
Part 207Institutional Long Term Care Services
Part 208Home and Community Based Long Term Care Services
Part 209Durable Medical Equipment
Part 210Ambulatory Surgical Center
Part 211Federally Qualified Health Center
Part 212Rural Health Clinic
Part 213Therapy Services
Part 214Pharmacy Services
Part 215Home Health Services
Part 216Dialysis Services
Part 217Vision Services
Part 218Hearing Services
Part 219Laboratory Services
Part 220Radiology Services
Part 221Family Planning Services
Part 222Maternity Services
Part 223EPSDT Services
Part 224Immunizations
Part 300Appeals
Part 301School Based Administrative Claiming
Part 302Beneficiary Health Management
Part 303Pre-Admission Screening and Resident Review
Part 304Audit
Part 305Program Integrity
Part 306Third Party Recovery

  Provider Reference Guide
PRG 100General Provisions
PRG 101Application and Redetermination Processes
PRG 102Non Financial Requirements
PRG 103Resources
PRG 104Income
PRG 200General Provider Information
PRG 201Transportation Services
PRG 202Hospital Services Updated 1-22-2014
PRG 203Physician Services
PRG 204Dental Services Updated 1-02-2014
PRG 205Hospice Services
PRG 206Mental Health Services Updated 1-09-2014
PRG 207Institutional Long Term Care Services
PRG 208Home and Community Based Long Term Care Services
PRG 209Durable Medical Equipment
PRG 210Ambulatory Surgical Center
PRG 211Federally Qualified Health Center
PRG 212Rural Health Clinic
PRG 213Therapy Services
PRG 214Pharmacy Services
PRG 215Home Health Services
PRG 216Dialysis Services
PRG 217Vision Services
PRG 218Hearing Services
PRG 219Laboratory Services
PRG 220Radiology Services
PRG 221Family Planning Services
PRG 222Maternity Services
PRG 223EPSDT Services Updated 03-18-2014
PRG 224Immunizations
PRG 300 Appeals Updated 11-01-2013
PRG 301School Based Administrative Claiming
PRG 302Beneficiary Health Management
PRG 303Pre-Admission Screening and Resident Review
PRG 304Audit
PRG 305Program Integrity
PRG 306Third Party Recovery


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