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DME and Medical Supply Information
DME Provider Policy Manual          
Division of Medicaid Key to DME Fee Schedule
RRRental (use the RR modifier when durable medical equipment is to be rented)
KRRental item, billing for partial month
NUNew Equipment
RPReplacement and Repair
UEUsed durable medical equipment
SCMedically necessary service or supply
DME Fee Schedules  
DME-Orthotic-Prosthetic Fee Schedulepdf formatExcel format
Medical Supply Fee Schedulepdf formatExcel format
Medical Supply Codes-Manually Pricedpdf formatExcel format

Q: Is a prior authorization required for medical supplies?
A: As of 1/1/2009, medical supplies no longer require prior authorization with the exception of diapers and underpads. Providers should follow the same process and procedures set forth prior to 1/1/2009 when requesting prior authorization for diapers and underpads.
Q: Which medical supply codes do not require prior authorization?
A: The fee schedules on Medicaid’s website list all the supply codes whether they require a prior authorization or not. The web address is www.medicaid.ms.gov.
Q: Do providers have to submit a Certificate of Medical Necessity (CMN) and Plan of Care Form (POC)?
A: Providers do not have to submit these forms any longer. However, there is a new combined CMN/POC form in Section 10.90 in the DME Provider Manual that has to be completed and kept in the beneficiary’s medical record for auditing purposes.
Q: How often does the CMN/POC form have to be updated?
A: Providers must update this form every 12 months.
Q: How often does a prescription have to be updated?
A: The prescription has to be updated every 12 months.
Q: If providers have prescriptions dated prior to 1/1/2009, will a new prescription be required on 1/1/2009?
A: No. The prescription received prior to 1/1/2009 does not have to be updated until 12 months after the original prescription date.
Q: How do providers handle TAN’s received prior to 1/1/2009 and extend beyond that date?
A: Providers should bill those claims without a TAN if the date-of-service is 1/1/2009 or after.
Q: How do providers bill claims when the supply codes are manually priced?
A: All manually priced medical supplies require the MSRP or an invoice to be submitted along with the claims. If you submit your claims electronically, you will need to mail or fax the MSRP or invoice to ACS before your claims can be processed. If you submit your claims via the web portal, you can upload the MSRP or invoice to attach to your claims. If you submit your claims on hardcopy, you will need to attach the MSRP or invoice to your claims and mail or fax them to ACS for processing. ACS’s fax number is 601-206-3119.
Q: How do providers bill dates that span months?
A: If a provider’s date-of-service is 1/15/2009 through 2/15/2009, two separate claims will have to be submitted. The first claim should include the dates of service 1/15/2009 through 1/31/2009 and the second claim should include dates of service 2/1/2009 through 2/15/2009.


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