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State Plan Amendments
Entire State Plan
Mississippi Division of Medicaid
Table of Contents
Section NumberTitle
Section 1Organization
Section 2Eligibility
Section 3Services
Section 4General Administration
Section 5Personnel
Section 6Financial
Section 7General Provisions
Section 8Eligiblity Groups, Conditions, and Requirements 01/01/2014
Attachment 1.1-AAttorney General's Certification
Attachment 1.2-AOrganization & Function of Medical Assistance Unit
Attachment 1.2-BDivision of Medicaid Organization
Attachment 1.2-CProfessional Medical and Supporting Staff
Attachment 1.2-DDivision of Economic Assistance Organization
Attachment 2.1-ADefinition of a Health Maintenance Organization
Attachment 2.2-AGroups Covered
Attachment 2.6-AEligibility Conditions & Requirements
Attachment 3.1-AAmounts, Duration, and Scope of Medical Care Provided
Attachment 3.1-CStandards and Methods of Assuring High Quality Care
Attachment 3.1-DMethods of Providing Transportation
Attachment 3.1-EStandards for the Coverage of Transplant Services & Coordination of Title XIX with Part A & Part B of Title XVIII
Attachment 3.1-FCondition or Requirement
Attachment 3.1-IHome and Community-Based Services Administration and Operation
Attachment 4.11-AStandards for Institutions
Attachment 4.16-ACooperative Arrangements with State Health & Vocational Rehabilitation Agencies
Attachment 4.17-ALiens & Adjustments of Recoveries
Attachment 4.18-ACost Sharing
Attachment 4.19-AReimbursement Plan - Inpatient Hospital
Attachment 4.19-BMethods and Standards for Establishing Payment rates -Other Types of Care
Attachment 4.19-CReserving Beds During a Recipient's Absence from a Long-Term Care Facility
Attachment 4.19-DGuidelines for Reimbursement - LTC
Attachment 4.19-EGuidelines for Reimbursement - FQHC
Attachment 4.22-AThird Party Liability
Attachment 4.22-BThird Party Liability
Attachment 4.22-CCost Effectiveness of Group Health Plan, Sanctions for Psychiatric Hospitals
Attachment 4.33-AEligibility Cards, Advanced Directives
Attachment 4.35-AEnforcement of Compliance for Nursing Facilities
Attachment 4.35-BAlternate Remedies for SNF & ICF
Attachment 7.2-ANonDiscrimination

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