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Pharmacy Services
Welcome to the Pharmacy Services page of the Mississippi Division of Medicaid website. The goal of the Pharmacy Services page is to provide current Medicaid Pharmacy Information.

        Latest Pharmacy News

          Fall 2013 Provider Program Notice

FDA Acetaminophen Changes

Doxycycline Notice-July 2013

        Zoster Vaccine Notice 
        Pharmacy Permit Renewal Update                                                          Pharmacy Information


If you are a MS MEDICAID PRESCRIBER, please submit your PA requests via the Envision Web Portal for the most efficient processing.

If you are a MS MEDICAID PRESCRIBER, but are not a registered  MS ENVISION WEB PORTAL USER, click here to register 

For MS Medicaid prescribers who are unable to submit PA via the web portal, fax your request to DOM-Pharmacy PA Unit at 1-877-537-0720.


Contact Us

Main:  601-359-5253(p)    601-359-9555(f)

  • Questions regarding Medicare/Medicaid dual eligible beneficiaries
  • Questions regarding the Preferred Drug List
  • Questions regarding pharmacy coverage for beneficiaries

Prior Authorizations:  877-537-0722(p)    877-537-0720(f)

***PAs may be submitted via Fax or Web (see Prior Authorizations at the top of page)***

        Questions regarding the status of a previously submitted prior authorization request

        Questions regarding the rejection of a prior authorization request.

Claims: (formerly ACS) 800-884-3222(p)     601-206-3015(f)

  • Problems with reversal/backing out a POS claim
  • Claim submission problems
  • Questions regarding prescription drug billing

        Questions regarding rejection messages on claims

        Questions regarding number of prescription “marks” available

  • Problems or questions about submitting an electronic PA



Sillers Building, 550 High Street Suite 1000, Jackson, MS 39201-1399
telephone:  601-359-6050 or toll free: 1-800-421-2408